Donald Trump is in a word Invincible

He talked about the Mexicans and he got away with it, and some even applauded his stance. He talked about former POW Senator John McCain and he got away with it, and some even applauded. Then he talked about Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly and the party clutched the pearls and he got away with it, and some even applauded. He simply can’t go too far. Trump has no filter and no off switch and he does not really need one. He is a product of his own toxic environment. He is angry and his followers like him. Those that oppose him are irrelevant to him. His words are too his people. You are either for him or against him, and if you are against him you simply don’t matter. He wears the cloak of invincibility. he is the epitome of the MC Hammer hit, “Can’t Touch This.” Can’t touch it but can it be stopped? Time will tell.

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  • Bill  On August 13, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    If this missive is an accurate expression of your interpretation of the “Trump phenomenon” then it rather easy to understand why you are so perplexed by it. For starters, Trump talked about illegal Mexican immigrants and the wrath that many of them have heaped upon the nation. Not Mexican immigrants at large. Those who applauded his stance very likely understood that distinction. Among them are many legal Mexican immigrants who endured the rigors of the legal process and perceive the jumping of the fence for illegal entry as unfair to those who chose the legal pathway.

    His off the cuff remark about the circumstances of John McCain’s capture mostly offended those who opposed McCain’s presidential candidacy but hoped to use it to diminish Trump’s standing in the race. Many of Trump’s supporter found it offensive but not a candidate eliminator.

    His comment about the profusion of blood by Megyn Kelly was given the vilest interpretation by his detractors. Shocking, huh?

    Tell us more about his toxic environment and the anger that you refer to. He does tap into the anger that millions of Americans are feeling after six years of ravaging of the economy and the relationships with our allies around the world. By the way, I seem to recall your assurance that Joe Biden would be relied upon to buttress foreign policy. Where is ole Joe?

    Whether Trump is stopped or not, he has succeeded in putting issues that neither party wants to address on the table. This is primarily because they are all beholden to their donors.


  • Elogam  On August 15, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    I wouldn’t want Trump for my president. I don’t think he has the right “stuff” to govern this nation. He’d be bombastic and combative towards those who dare oppose him, kinda like what we’re experiencing from the current administration. We need someone who offers plausible solutions, not just a recitation of the problems. Right now he’s making the campaign an amusing endeavor, but as the night goes on, we need to get him off the stage so we can examine the Republican who can TRULY get the job done.

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