The Politics of Outrage and Outrageous

2016 will be the anything goes election. It’s only 2015 and we are seeing and hearing all sorts of outrageous behavior. We have heard candidates and their surrogates say anything and everything. When questioned about their behavior they either become defiant or some may issue the non-apology apology, but the name of the game is no surrender. You don’t surrender when the people are against you. You don’t surrender when the facts don’t support your premise. You simply don’t surrender. It’s the politics of the outraged. The people are said to be angry with the government, and the candidates feel it is their job to add fuel to the slow burning fuse. There are no statements that are disqualifying. You can question the service of a POW, you use the horrors of the Holocaust as a backdrop to your objections to the Iran deal, one of your surrogates can threaten a reporter who has written a story that the candidate finds objectionable. We have entered the anything goes age of politics. If this is what we have going on over a year away from the election we can only assume it will ge worse.

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  • Elogam  On August 2, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    These are the early rounds. Just like the NCAA tournament, you tend to get more serious as time goes by. Some of these folks are running for TV deals once they inevitably drop out. Showing you can look good on TV and be provocative go a long ways towards landing that lucrative gig. About 8 months from now things will start settling into a reasonable race, and we’ll see more intelligent dialogue from more stable characters.

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