Donald Trump is the latest Elevation of the Crazy

In 2008 John McCain unleashed Sarah Palin on us. She was a self-proclaimed Grizzly Mom. She offered blunt, tough talk. She clearly relished her role as attack dog. She questioned candidate Barack Obama’s patriotism but the party loved her. After the election she was able to become a Fox news contributor and a sought after speaker. Her crazy talk turned into a career. Now in 2015 Trump has no respect his crazy talk has been elevated to another level. Trump’s comments about John McCain were despicable but Trump has refused to apologize. Trump is constantly running his mouth but I’m sorry is not a part of his verbal arsenal. Trump double downed on his position in USA Today ( Trump is not going to change. He is the King of Crazy Talk. His followers are not the crazies and in reality he is not truly crazy. He is doing want an entertainer does. He is simply giving the people what they want. He is a side show and perhaps the show will be over soon.

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  • Spanish Inquisitor  On July 20, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    You’re giving this Carnival barker far too much attention, Joni….Which is exactly what his presidential campaign is all about and what he wants you to do. Every outrageous thing he does with the FREE PLATFORM the media gives him simply increases his net worth. He is now a household name, and his brand just gets more valuable. It would be best to relegate him to the entertainment page, as HuffPo did, or better yet, ignore him….He’s not a serious candidate, and he doesn’t want to be President. If he was suddenly elected, he’d hand the job off to someone else….

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