What do you do when your church sends you a collection notice?

church delinquency letter
I saw this on (www.theoldblackchurch.blogsspot.com) and I must admit I was taken aback. When did churches start sending collection notices? The pastor of this church is Dr. BR Fulton and the church is located in Tampa Florida. So what do you do when you receive this kind of notice? Answer: find another church. To put it mildly this is nonsense. To put it bluntly this is not how Christians treat other Christians. You need to know the difference between Christians and Church Folks. I love Christians, but I can’t stand Church folks. Some will ask what’s the difference?

Well here’s a list:

Church folks tear down other members.

Christians build up everyone they meet.

Church folks act like they are happy for your successes.

Christians really are actually happy for your success.

Church folks are extremely critical.

Christians will give correction, but they will always do it in love.

Church folks will give big so they can be viewed as big shots.

Christians cheerfully give what they have no matter how much it is.

Church folks worry and fret about what they wear to church.

Christians realize what is in the inside is more important than what is on the outside.

Church folks have a need to be seen doing good things.

Christians simply do good things

Church folks will come and see you when you are sick and tell everybody they did it.

Christians will come and see you, bring you a meal, and clean your house and not tell a soul.

Church folks say they love everybody.

Christians actually show love for everybody.

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