What does Donald Trump have in common with the Confederate battle flag?

Donald Trump has been saying outrageous and obnoxious things for years. His attacks on the president were enough for me to stop watching and purchasing all things Donald, but people ignored or applauded his statements. He has touted birther conspiracy theories for years. NBC was his platform and he frequently appeared on the Today Show, and he was a Fox Morning News favorite. So why is Trump a problem now? It’s like the Confederate battle flag. People have been complaining about that flag for years and their cries were ignored, but now everyone is seeing what others saw for years, and calling for the removal of the flag. Trump did not wake up the day he announced his candidacy and start spouting out obnoxious statements. He has been doing this and saying these things for years, and people are acting like they just heard them. The Hispanic community is now the biggest minority community in this country and they are mad and they are not taking it anymore. They flexed their muscles and NBC blinked. NBC his willing co-conspirator has finally found their alliance with the Donald problematic. It is sad that so many of us came to that conclusion along time ago.

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  • Bill  On July 1, 2015 at 12:02 am

    You are apparently suffering from the same malady about Hispanics as a minority group that many whites suffer from regarding blacks; that is seeing minorities as a monolithic group. There are millions of Hispanics in this country who are as frustrated by the feckless immigration policy, or lack thereof, of this current administration as even white folk. And those Hispanics may be more inclined to hear Trump’s comments objectively and in the intended context.

    It might be a bit presumptuous of you to conclude that it was the flexing of the muscle of Hispanics that caused NBC to blink, as you put. I suspect it was more likely far left wing groups at work. Follow Trump’s standing in the polls. You might find them surprising.

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