Are churches too welcoming?

Churches welcome anybody. You can come dressed up, dressed down, downtrodden, depressed, and stressed. Whosoever will let him come, but do we need to re-think the churches approach to people? On Good Friday my pastor was ministering on stage and a man walked from the back of the auditorium to the stage and attempted to give the pastor a note. No usher stopped his progress. Fortunately, he was harmless, but what if he had an evil agenda? We have got to be more careful. When Dylann Root walked into Emanuel AME church last night did anybody feel uneasy about his presence? We might never know, but what this tells us is we live in dangerous times and we have stop being politically correct. If someone looks odd or out of place we have to stand up boldly and ask some questions. We might offend some, but we can only apologize later if we are alive. Root is still on the loose and people will be asking why? There is no answer, but we have to accept the sad fact there are no safe spaces. So we have to learn to pray with eyes wide open as we worship the Lord and keep an eye on our neighbors.

Matthew 26:41-“Watch and Pray…”

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  • elogam  On June 20, 2015 at 2:39 am

    The biggest problem here? This church was a “gun free” zone. Wnenever we designate an area as “gun free”, we’re hanging out a welcome sign to any lunatic who wants to inflict maximum casualties with minimum risk. I’m not saying the preacher needs to be packin’ heat in the pulpit, but if there is a CHANCE that someone in the church, a GOOD guy with a gun, might be there, bad guys will think twice.

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