Is Rachel Dolezal transracial or simply delusional?

For the past few days we have heard the story of Rachel Dolezal. She is the woman who identifies as a black woman but according to her parents she is white. The term transracial has been trending on Twitter, but is it possible to be transracial? Last night my son called and asked what did I think about her and I really didn’t see it as a big deal. She is an advocate and she identifies as black. More power to her, but this morning I saw the attached youtube clip and it gave me pause. Here she is talking about black hair and she is standing in the shoes of an authority. She even goes as far to identify her white hair on the black hair chart. Something about this made my blood boil. Hair is a very sensitive issue in the community. As little girls so many of us were exposed to the hot comb. Your mother would put a comb directly on the flames from the stove and press your hair until it shiny and straight. You might be burned along the way but she would say “it was the cost of being beautiful”. From the hot comb we went to pressing comb in a jar or the kiddie perm, and from there you went to the real perm and some of us are still slave to the perm. Black hair is evolving and many among us are now natural, but this is our experience. It is not a shared experience that every woman can identify with. Dolezal can love black people and all things black, but she is not black and to watch her co-op our experience is unsettling. She can work for the NAACP and she can curl her hair, know our history, but she is not black. Maybe she is transracial because that would mean she can come move in and out and that is not an option that an actual black person has.

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  • willholahan  On June 13, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    Perhaps there is African in her ancestors. Could there have been a liaison resulting in the birth if a child? If so, her parents would have a good reason to hush it up.

  • Eve  On June 13, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    she is mentally unstable

  • elogam  On June 15, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    This woman is a fraud. Even the NAA(L)CP is embarrassed by her antics. She can shill all she wants for them, but wny not be honest about who she is? Oh, that’s right. She’d have a harder time getting that SWEEET professorship at a major university. Who wants to see a white professor of African American studies? That would open the university to charges of insensitivity. So she affects being black to get the job she’s highly qualified to do. This is essentially “passing” in reverse. We all remember passing, right? So many lighter-skinned brothers and sisters would claim to be Greek, Italian, Spanish, even going so far as to learn the languages, to “pass” as white. Fake it to get the money, baby! This is no different.

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