Would you stop talking if your life depended on it?

Who do young people respect or does this word actually exist anymore? We see young people every day speak to adults as if they are speaking to their peers. You hear them let out a string of expletives and dare you to say anything. Teachers encounter young people everyday who truly believe they can say anything to them. We are living with a generation of people who were encouraged to speak and share their every thought. So why would we believe they actually would curb their rhetoric when faced with law enforcement? I watched the McKinney tape and I believe the policeman was out of line when he forcibly 14 year old girl to the ground, and when he pulled his gun out on the boys he crossed so far over the line that it is hard to see him coming back from this but should the young people have simply complied? This guy was wrong but he was a man on the edge with the power to take a life. would you stop talking if it would save your life? Share your thoughts.

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  • Bill  On June 9, 2015 at 12:28 am

    As I have commented here on several recent cases of confrontation with the police, the common element is refusal to comply with the orders of the police or resistance. It appears from viewing the video that cop was completely out of control which is even more reason to comply and not provoke a maniac with a gun to prove who is in control. By failing to comply with an order or resisting arrest, a suspect initiates a battle that he will almost never win. The disagreement is to be settled in court.

    As for the issue regarding the lack of respect on the part of young people, that is evidence of the breakdown of the family, poor parenting and in many instances fatherless homes. We raised two boys who we encouraged to express their views on issues even when they disagreed with our views. The non negotiable requirement was that they had to do so in a respectful manner. They were also taught to respect authority and authority figures and comply even when they disagreed with any mandate. The exceptions of course, were if they were directed to do something that was dangerous, immoral or illegal.

  • elogam  On June 11, 2015 at 2:58 pm

    It’s important for young kids to realize that you cannot take rhetoric to a gun fight and expect to win. Smarting off and sassing law enforcement is a recipe for AT LEAST a night in jail, if not an all-expenses trip to the morgue. Comply with the cop, even if you don’t agree. You may be 100% correct in your position, but it’s better to cede the battle than to be DEAD right. Take issues up with the court of law; that’s why they exist.

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