Duke professor post racial comments online and is put on leave…is this fair?

Wle often hear people say after every racial incident that we need to have a national conversation on race, but what does that really men? When you have a honest conversation on anything often people get their feelings hurt. Are we mature enough to handle the truth? A Duke professor, Jerry Hough is on leave for posting some racial comments on a NYT article. His comments are his personal opinion. I find them offensive but is racist the right description? Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


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  • Ginni Treadwell  On May 18, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    Hough is a professor??? Of what? Idiocy? He should have been dropped for DUMBNESS long ago…the Asian immigrant history has no comparison to slavery and it’s ramifications. Anybody who studied with this bird should get a refund for their tuition. GrannyGin

    • elogam  On May 22, 2015 at 1:02 am

      This is the man’s opinion. Just because you disagree does not make him “dumb”. There are many parallels between asian and black history in the US. Many Asians were brought here as indentured servants. They did very hazardous work under unsafe conditions. They were not permitted to own their own land. They were cheated, beaten, ostracized and otherwise disadvantaged. Their time here in America has not been as long as that of the black man, but it has been as challenging. Yes our forefathers were held in bondage. Yes there was Jim Crow and outright hatred. But that is no excuse for the current generation(s) who continue to use slavery as an excuse for the fact that we have about a 90% out of wedlock birth rate; a 50% high school drop out rate, and despite what you might hear on the TV, more often than not if a black man is gunned down, it’s more than likely the work of another angry black man.

      Our children do not value education. Instead they are afraid of being accused of “acting white” if they seek to excel. Affirmative Action has actually HURT many of our children. Students with marginal preparation or abilities are given passes to attend demanding schools where they do not have the skills or support system necessary to succeed. When they fail at that level they do not fall back on a less demanding program and pursue a degree, they usually drop out and hang out. NPR did did a VERY interesting program awhile back about a young black man who got into a prestigious program, but when he couldn’t afford his books his pride kept him from asking for help. He skipped classes and his teachers assumed he didn’t want to learn. They failed him and the college disenrolled him. he went home in disgrace, where he had to listen to his mother tell him, “I TOLD you that you weren’t no good!” Had he gone to an HBC, where they would provide him better support, he may have been an engineer today.

      We need to quit blaming “the white man” or “racism” for the plight of our people.We need to tell “them” (you know the ones) that they need to put down the guns the knives the crack and the weed and start working together to control their own destinies. We need to teach our children that they MUST get a good education, whether it be in a university or as a tradesman. They need to learn financial skills so they can invest and control their own destinies. They need to quit expecting to fail andstart expecting to succeed. And we need to get behind every single one of them to show we love them and want them to succeed, whether they think they can or not.

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