Why do the Millenials hate their elders in the movement?

Last night I watched Roland Martin’s townhall held in Baltimore and televised on TVOne. The event was held at the HBCU Morgan State. The event featured a panel and he also gave members of the community an opportunity to share their stories. The conversation centered around the Freddie Gray case, but other similar cases were also discussed. Several young people shared their stories, but one recurring theme was the disdain for organized groups. More than once the NAACP and Urban league were maligned. The young people claimed these groups were offering nothing and the grass roots organization were more valuable to the movement. Some members of the NAACP challenged the assertions but that did not keep the group including panelist Member Jeff Johnson of taking his shot. The question is do these century old organizations have a role now, and if so what should they be doing? Or do you think it is time to retirement them and concentrate on grass root organizations? Share your thoughts.

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