How could we have helped Freddie Gray?

When you talk about Freddie Gray is it wrong to talk about his arrest record? Gray had been arrested 18 times prior to the fateful day he had his last encounter with the police. Most of the arrests were for minor offenses. It seems that anyone who attempts to talk about it are quickly shutdown. Last night NBC Lester Holt interviewed members of Gray’s family and he tried to broach the subject, but he was quickly shutdown by the family attorney Billy Murphy. So is this subject off limits or were the arrests just Baltimore cops gone rogue? We should be able to discuss this without name calling. There is something wrong when a 25 year old man has 18 arrests. This can not be viewed as the norm and it all can not simply be attributed to harassment. Last week during the media outbreak we saw them relinquish their microphones to anyone with a tale to tell. The journalists did not make any attempt to substantiate the claims no they just shared them. The more sensational the tale the more airtime you received. No one is offering any cover to the police regarding the treatment of Freddie Gray,  but we have to be willing to have the hard conversations free from rancor. This case offers more issues than the murder of Gray there should also be some analysis of his life, and how we can keep others in the community from suffering a similar fate. Share your thoughts.

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