Bye, Bye Baltimore…What is Next for Charm City?

it was a big week for Baltimore. The Freddie Gray tragedy played out on tape. We don’t know everything about this case but we do know what we saw was heartbreaking. The screams of Gray as he is dragged away are wrenching. The riots and the protests drew the attention of the national press. Some of the press drew well deserved attention to the case and the state of affairs in that part of Baltimore.  In a 24/7news cycle you often see things that we shouldn’t see. We saw reporters surrendering their microphones to almost anybody and everybody. We heard many tales of police abuse, but we only had the account of the supposed victim. The claims were accepted and unchallenged and that can not be described as good journalism, but is good journalism the same as good news? No good journalism requires fact checking and good news simply generates good ratings. The cameras have moved on, the curfew has been lifted, Mondamin Mall has re-oped and CVS is still burnt ashes but Charm City is no longer number one in the news cycle. Monday ushers in normalcy and the problems that plague the city are no closer to resolution but the cameras and the lights are being set up at the next hot spot. So Charm City you are on your own just like you were last Monday and like you will be next Monday. Share your thoughts.

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