Baltimore Parents: Do you know where your children are?

Yesterday we saw young people go wild. They called it a “purge”, and unbridled lawlessness is what we witnessed. It was hard to watch but impossible to stop watching. As I watched children, yes children hurl rocks at the police I wondered did they have malice in their hearts or were they part of what they saw as some kind of sick game. The rock throwing was bad enough but the looting took it to another level. Freddie Gray has nothing to do with a young person wearing a new pair of stolen Jordans today. Over the past 24 hours I have heard pundits, community leaders and ministers try to explain the frustration of the young people, and while that exists it is no excuse for arson, but my real question is where were their parents? Some parents might have been at work, but I’m sure some of them were at their homes and if you lived in the city or the suburbs of Baltimore you knew what was going down at Mondawmin Mall. Parents are responsible for their minor children and it will be interesting when the police start looking at pictures and tapes and identify the children will they also arrest the parent.

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