CNN covered the Nerd Prom and forgot about Baltimore

Last night the local television stations covered some or all of the unrest in Baltimore. Several people were destroying property and creating an overall unsafe environment. Over the past week CNN has been the man on the street. They have been here talking to everybody. Friday they even interviewed a local actress who used to be on the HBO series The Wire. They were seemingly waiting for the other shoe to drop and that shoe actually did drop last night but the CNN cameras had shut down and gone home or did they go home? No they went to the prom? The Nerd Prom or the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. They went home got into their formals and tuxes and headed to DC. The unrest all of sudden became a subplot. Tomorrow Freddie Gray will be buried. Wonder if CNN will be back or maybe tomorrow they might be detained by something a little more important…prom pictures.

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