Why is CJ Pearson’s disrespect for Al Sharpton being celebrated by the right?

I saw this clip on the Fox Insider website with the title, CJ Pearson Owns Al Sharpton. If own means a 12 year old talks about an adult like they are equals than he did it, but I have a problem with this type of disrespect coming out of the mouth of a child. No it was not profane, but disrespectful none the less. We hear teachers complain about the way students talk to them. When we grew up children were seen but not heard. There actually was adult conversation, and they would kindly tell you to leave the room when they wanted to have some. No one is asking for a step backward, but while Rev. Al Sharpton might not be everyone’s cup of tea he deserves more than this. No child should feel this comfortable speaking this way about an adult. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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  • Bill  On April 16, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    How dare a twelve year old boy display his ability to articulately express himself seeing through that fraud and charlatan which so many of his elders are unable to. So this is disrespectful? What is disrespectful is the attitude that what children think is so devoid of value that they should not be permitted to speak and express their points of view. I always encouraged my children, as they were growing up to express any point of view they held, so long as it was expressed respectfully. And there is a major difference between talking about adults as though they are equals and talking to them as though they are equals. This boy eloquently expresses himself for a twelve year old I find nothing disrespectful about what he said or the way that he said it.

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