Atlanta Educators going to jail, but were they the only ones that failed the students?

Yesterday several Atlanta teachers and administrators received jail sentences for their roles in the Atlanta cheating scandal. The judge vilified the teachers and administrators. What they did was bad there is no argument about it, but were the teachers the only ones responsible for the children’s education? I saw a mother lamenting that her daughter was taking remedial classes in college because of what was done to her in the Atlanta school system, but my question is why didn’t her mother know she had difficulty with her school work? Parents are the children’s first teachers. How many parents read to their children before they could read? how many parents would sit and let their small school age children read to them? Were the Atlanta parents active participants in their children’s education? How many of the parents now complaining every went to a PTA meeting or a parent/teacher conference? No one is excusing what the teachers did but when looking for the people who failed the students some of the parents need to also fault the man/woman in the mirror.

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  • Bill  On April 15, 2015 at 3:02 pm

    I agree with your averring that the parents of those student also bear responsibility in the academic failure of their children. But we must be clear about what these teachers have been found guilty of. If it were a crime to fail to properly educate school children then a great many parents and educators could easily proven guilty. But this is something far more egregious. Not only did these perpetrators fail to successfully educate these children, whatever the reasons, they falsified achievement by changing test scores. This, as I previously stated, is tantamount to counterfeiting the education of those children. The parents of these children were not in a position to do that. I think the imposed sentences are far too short.

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