Monica Lewinsky has a right to share her story now

Former President Clinton has moved so far beyond the Monica Lewinsky scandal that he can not even see it in his rear view mirror. Clinton is an elder statesman. He has a Foundation and a Global Initiative. He has a wife who will soon be running for president. Since leaving the White House she has been a Senator and Secretary of State. They have both done very well, but what about Monica Lewinsky? To the Clintons she is a footnote, a hiccup, a nuisance, but in reality she is a person. She was a young woman who made the mistake of falling in love with the most powerful man on earth at the time, and for that act she was crucified by the press and members of the government. She was called everything but a child of God. She was left for dead, but she did not die and she has now decided to step up to the microphone and share her story, but some think her timing is suspect. Why now? How will this effect Hillary? Why should she care? This is her story and she does not have to receive an affirmation from the Clintons to share it. Back in the ’90s she was lampooned by comediennes, and now some of them are ashamed of what they said about this young woman. They are now getting the opportunity to see her humanity. She is not bearing her wounds she is sharing her narrative. It might be painful to some and not politically expedient to others but Lewinsky gets to choose her time and she has chosen now.

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