McDonald’s Brawl: What should happen to these girls?

How did you feel when you watched the tape of the girl fight in the McDonald’s in Brooklyn? If you were repulsed then join the club, but millions of viewers seemingly enjoyed watching the girls give a 15 year old a beat down. The media is saying that this was gang related. Well that explains it. Except it does not. How did these girls arrive at this intersection? At what point did they think this kind of violence was acceptable? The disturbing thing is this type of violence is becoming more and more common. The ringleader of the girl gang has a history of violence which includes stabbing her brother and beating up her grandmother. If she treats her own family this way she truly had not problem inflicting pain on an enemy. So what is going to happen to this 16 year old and her band of delinquents? She is currently being held on $500,000 bond. Sure they will be tried in the courts and they will probably serve some time but is that the answer? Lock them up and throw away the key? So when they get out they are older and more bitter? As a mother I wonder what should happen to these girls? They are still girls. Can they be helped? Do they need incarceration or counselling or both? The ringleader of the group has a child. What’s going to happen to her? What do you think? Share your thoughts

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  • patricknelson750  On March 15, 2015 at 1:19 am

    If someone hits you you have a right to defend yourself, but this went far beyond that. Some of the girls were stamping on the 15 year old girl’s head. In my book this makes it at worst attempted murder or at best a callous disregard for the likelihood that they were liable to give her facial disfigurement, brain damage or worse. They need counselling (and education), but I think they they need some sort of punishment also. Letting them get away with it because they are young sends a very bad message to other young people who may fall into doing this sort of thing.

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