What do the residents of Ferguson want?

A few months ago I was involved in a situation with a client. It became testy but the client finally saw it my way. Afterward I decided we could not work together again, but my husband questioned my decision. He said to me “you have got to recognize when you have won.” Too often we all get so caught up in the war that we can not and do not celebrate the victory. As I watch the protestors in Ferguson I wonder do they recognize victory? First we acknowledge the death of Mike Brown is a tragedy, but it put Ferguson on the map and shed a light on city and how it worked against the minority community. The Department of Justice investigated the city and since their findings have been made public the police chief, a city manager, judges and numerous police officers and city clerks have quit. Reform is in the air in Ferguson. So why are they still protesting? Why are they so angry? This morning NBC Craig Melvin asked one of the protest leaders  what was their end game, and his response was “to continue”. At some point they are going to have to move from protest to governing and recognize while there is still work to do they made a difference.


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