Fashion Police is simply Mean Girls on Steroids, so why are we surprised when they say something mean?

Giuliani Rancic insulted Zendaya on Monday night’s Fashion Police. Twitter lit her up and she apologized. Kelly Osbourne her co-host threatened to quit and the show is off until the next special event. The irony of this situation is this entire show is about insults and snide remarks. It is a funny thing that insults are funny when they are not directed toward you. Fashion Police is not the only show that takes vicious swipes at people. The late Joan Rivers once took a swipe at a pregnant woman. She never apologized. Today the ladies on CBS The Talk were discussing the issue and Sheryl Underwood brought up Rancic’s struggle with infertility. Really? All is fair in the war for ratings. What is of limits? Is there a line in the sand anymore? We have been talking about this for a couple of days and it will die down, but do we actually learn anything from there teachable moments? If we don’t we can just wait for the next teachable moment we already know we won’t learn anything form that one either.

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