Marie Harf, State Dept. Spokesman says we need a jobs program Isis…is this naïve or just stupid?

Marie Harf floated the idea that Muslim unrest is due to lack of opportunity. There is no way that lack of jobs would make any sane person partake in the barbaric acts that we have seen Isis perpetrate against the innocents. She repeated this lunacy on a number of outlets last night. Is this just crazy talk or does she really speak for the state’s department? Share your thoughts.

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  • patricknelson750  On February 19, 2015 at 6:16 am

    It does sound crazy but in truth a lot of ISIS fighters are doing it because these terrorists have a lot of money and they pay people to fight for them who were on the breadline beforehand. When they get killed the terrorist leaders just get new ones (some attracted by money some by ideology). That said Syria and Iraq are totally messed up, they will not heal until ISIS is destroyed. If the West paid people to fight ISIS and fully supported a mainstream Sunni alternative then these terrorists would soon be destroyed and their constant influx of new supporters would soon dry up.

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