Jeb’s Mama Changed Her Mind, but I did not change mine

Last year when Barbara Bush was asked about her son Jeb possibly running for president she said she thought the country has had enough Bushes. This was the first time I agreed with her. We have had 12 years of Bush presidencies and that is enough. Over the weekend the matriarch changed her mind, but I didn’t change mine. There has to be more than the Bushes and the Clintons qualified to occupy the Oval Office. Yes, I said it the Clintons. Hillary is the lady in waiting and I have to believe that someone will stop her ascendency. She was invincible in 2008 and she is invincible yet again, but we know how that cloak of invincibility worked for her in 2008. So she needs to be looking over her shoulder because I for one am looking for an alternative.

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