Sorority Sisters expelled for appearing on VH1 Sorority Sisters

The VH1 show Sorority Sisters was ratchet television. Sororities and Fraternities pressured sponsors to stop supporting the show and that ultimately led to the demise of the show. The AKA participants have been suspended for one year. The Delta participants have been expelled from their organization. Sororities pride themselves on sisterhood. Sisters make mistakes. Sisters make big mistakes, but you don’t dump your sister. These young ladies made a terrible error in judgment when the agreed to be on the show. Lured by the chance to achieve instant fame on a reality television show they took a step too far, but is expulsion the answer? Is this what sisters do? Share your thoughts.

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  • blackliberationwithsanity  On January 21, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Let’s be honest majority of these black greeks put the frats and soros over their own family..

  • Elihu Eli El  On January 21, 2015 at 7:57 pm

    The bigger problem lies with this dilemma – The economic and opportunity gap is so great between the dominate and marginalized cultures that some folks are willing to compromise the espoused values of the organizations. Historically, the tacit values of African-Americans have been raised beyond the institutional or espoused values. Since our traditional moral fabric is eroding and being replaced by the ethics of politically elected officials, the sense of what we have legal “rights to do” supersedes what is the “right thing to do” {morality}. The institution of “The Church” is not a moral authority anymore. The leaders of those sororities should be internally and publicly addressing the media’s social engineering, exploitation, and profiteering of tumultuous behavior of Black folk. I blame the leaders. They should have already influenced the organizational culture to avoid that kind of crap in the first place even before the show came on TV.

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