Maryland University Bullies are Demanding More and We’ve Got to Pay

When you pay your bills in full and on time you do not expect to have the entity you owed demanding more money, but that is what happened to us. We have children that attend Maryland Universities and the schools decided to institute a mid year increase after we had already paid the bill for the spring semester. It’s like a bully who knows there is not a thing you can do but pay. What other company could demand more for a bill you already paid? One school wants an additional $58 and the other one wants $62 sounds like small amounts, but as my mother loved to say “it’s the principle of the thing.” I could see a hike in the fall which I am sure is coming, but a mid year hike after the bill has been paid is simply wrong, but the bully gets what the bully wants.

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  • Bill  On January 20, 2015 at 12:51 am

    Your battle is not with the university system in Maryland, it is with the tax and spend Democrat dominated legislature shepherded by the departing Governor O’Malley. It is they who determine tuition increases. People get the government they vote for. Did you vote for any of them?

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