Why did the ladies of The Talk make fun of the Prince Andrew sex scandal?

The ladies of The Talk think the idea that Prince Andrew had sex with an underage girl is ridiculous. Sharon Osbourne took her darts and aimed them at the alleged victim. She even glamourized the life of the victim, but my question is why are they so sure it did not happen? They believed every woman that claimed to be assaulted by Bill Cosby but they refuse to believe one woman who speaks against the prince. Share your thoughts.

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  • atlmom5  On January 6, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Wow, I don’t watch The Talk very often; I’m still an avid watcher of The View. I’ll have to check this particular show out, but not knowing everything about this story and just responding off of what you’re saying…..I would guess it’s more about the Royal family. Yeah, Cosby has money, but Mr. Cosby doesn’t have money and power like them. I don’t like to bring up race as an issue a lot, but maybe race could also be a factor too? For some people, black, Hispanic and Latino men are seemed as highly sexual and aggressive, but White and Asian men aren’t seen in the same light. However, with this situation, I actually think it might lean more towards….how could a Royal do this….and the woman is automatically a liar just because. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, this is really interesting….keep me informed if you hear anything new about this story. Now I must go and catch up on the story.

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