The Cosby women are talking and so is Kathie Lee Gifford

First we heard from Camille Cosby defending her husband. Let’s not use the tired cliche “standing by her man”, no she was simply telling us the media “Bill Cosby” is not the man she has loved for 50 years. This afternoon one of his daughter’s Evin said that if a person rapes someone they go to jail and she believes if someone falsely accuses someone of rape then they should go to jail too. Now Kathie Lee Gifford is claiming Bill Cosby ried to kiss her but she said no and he moved on so why would she share this story? Share your thoughts.

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  • elogam  On December 23, 2014 at 8:20 am

    Call me insensitive if you will, but I just want to know: Did these attacks happen today? Yesterday? Last week, last month last year? How about LAST DECADE? No? Then I don’t care to hear about it now. Why suddenly do these women need to accuse Dr. William H. Cosby, Ed.D? This role model has in the past several years come out on the accountability side of the discussion for blacks in America, and I’m certain this has something to do with his sudden popularity for all these women. Dr. King was allegedly a womanizer. Jesse Jackson is KNOWN to have an illegitimate child.Are they being called out? Why else now, when there’s no money to be had by suing him? Why else now, when all they can do is taint his reputation for the rest of his days, making him less a role model and more a man whose many other fine works and accomplishments will be forever overshadowed by these accusations from women who may-or may not-have been involved with him?

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