Kony 2012, Bring Back Our Girls and Black Lives Matter…what do these three things have in common?

Twitter has been instrumental in bringing issues to our attention. Kony 2012 and Bring our Girls Back were issues that captured the words attention for a while. People were fired up and ready to go. Kony 2012 stirred up people and they were committed to displace Kony or were they actually committed to tweet about displacing Kony? Was Kony displaced? Not sure. Who can forget Bring Our Girls Back? The Nigerian girls who were kidnapped. Even the first lady posed with a sign saying Bring Our Girls Back, but are the girls back? Are people still tweeting about them? People are busy and their intentions are probably good, but if you can only commit to a mission for a minute you have to know you will not affect change. Now the chant is Black Lives Matter and this is true. In light on the Eric Garner case people are again fired up and ready to go but where are they going? A March on Washington, but after the march is over what is the next step? We really can’t afford to move away from this issue. We can’t solve all the world’s problems and Kony 2012 and Bring Our Girls back are global issues, but Black Lives matter is a home grown issue and we can’t move away from this even when the tweeting stops.

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