“I Can’t Breathe-Eric Garner’s Last Words

When you watch the Eric Garner video you know that you will hear a man’s last words. He is not telling his wife he loves them, he is not giving his children paternal advice no Eric Garner simply said “I can’t breathe”. His last words were ignored and he died after a fatal encounter with NYPD. It is 24 hours after the news that the policeman would not be indicted for a crime, but it still hurts. It hurts to know that even though we saw the act we are told that it falls within the line of duty. How do we move forward? How do we change the laws? Peaceful protesting it good, but that will not be enough. Change comes at the ballot box so we have to vote even when President Obama is not at the top of the ticket. We have to be able to criticize the conduct of the police withough first givng the diclaimer that we know 90% of cops are good cops. That might be true but we are not talking about the good ones now. We are talking about the bad ones. I don’t believe that a policeman leaves his home wanting to kill a black man, but I also want to believe that policeman don’t just see a black man and immediately think criminal. This Garner case is not simply a tragedy it is a crime and sadly no one will be brought to justice unless the federal government deems that this is a violation of Mr. Turner’s rights and that is yet to be seen. So today we are still stunned.

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