Social Media did not kill Mike Brown it just told the world

Last night I like many listened to St. Louis County prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch explain why the grand jury had made the decision not to indict Officer Wilson, but before he could get to that he spent time lecturing us on the danger of social media. He told us how social media got it wrong. He said this early and often. Social media gets a story and runs with it, and sometimes the facts are not on point. While conceding the point it should not be lost on us that without social media we would never have heard of Mike Brown. Brown’s family contacted Rev. Al Sharpton the day of the event and told him how to get on see Brown’s body laying in the streets. It social media that kept the world’s attention on Ferguson. So my point is social media matters and it might not be a perfect tool, but in this case it has served to be a vital tool. So McCulloch might dismiss it we know it kept the heat on this case.

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