NBC drops Bill Cosby project in wake of rape allegations

Bill Cosby broke alot of barriers on television. He is one of the first black men to be a star on a network television show. That show was I Spy. He went on to star on the Cosby Show which was Number 1 for a number of years, but when he dies his accomplishments will be a footnote. The obit will start off with the alleged rape allegations and that is sad. It is sad if he actually did this and it is sad if he didn’t, but we live in a society that likes to build people up and they also like to tear them down. Last night Janice Dickinson appeared on ET and she told the story of how she was raped by Cosby, but her story was riddled with holes, but who cares. Even though she has denied in print that nothing happened between her and Cosby. Now she says she was pressured to leave those parts out of her book. Her version of the facts is being accepted as the gospel. Seriously do you really think there is anything Cosby could say that would quell the noise? Today NBC announced they are dropping cosby’s sitcom project. So now Cosby has lost the deal with Netflix and the NBC project. He is a defeated old man and his obit has been altered.



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