Is Bill Cosby the villian or the victim?

Has the world turned on Bill Cosby or is social media leading the charge? Last week I read that Rush Limbaugh was one of cosby’s chief defenders. Limbaugh claimed the reemergence of these allegations was brought on by Cobsy espousing unpopular viewpoints regarding black young people. Cosby has been outfront in his criticism of young man wearing sappy pants and showing disrespect for authority. I must say I dismissed the contention until I saw that CNN is keeping the story going. This mornin I saw Chuck Nice and CNN Carol Costello talking abour “responsibility Politics”. I had never heard this term but it means holding people accountable and evidently this is not popular in some quarters of the black community, and cosby is a proponent of this viewpoint. This was the first time I heard his politics and these allegations being discussed in the same breath. Why are these two things being morphed into one discussion? Why are these old allegations gaining new life. We all know that Hannibal Burress a comedian stirred the pot a few weeks ago and since that time three women have come forth claiming they had been raped by cosby, but one of them admitted she never filed a police report. Another admits going out with him another time after the assault. Who really knows what happened? My question is should Bill cosby keep quiet or proclaim his innocence? Share your thoughts.

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