Steve Harvey’s partenership with Paula Deen has upset some people

“I just know the good in her. That’s all I know. And it outweighs the bad by a landslide,” — Steve Harvey on his new collaboration with Paula Deen.
Steve Harvey is officially on the COON train.

A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook page. Paula Deen admitted to using the N-word last year and she saw sponsors run from her like she had the plague. She has spent the last year rebuilding her brand. Steve harvey reached out to her and has made her a mentor to boys that he mentors through his foundation. He has forgiven her and he has put action to his words. Many in the black community are questioning the wisdom of this decision but what do you think? Should Paula Deen be mentoring young black boys?

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  • elogam  On October 4, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    She is doing the work that many oh-so-pious complainers won’t even bother to do, why should she be restrained? She said the N-word; SO WHAT?!? She is not the first nor the last white person to do so, and people complaining about it probably used that same work within the past week, if not sooner. Let’s skip the hypocrisy and remember that we are called on to forgive those who sincerely apologize and repent.

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