Iyanla Fix My Life-34 children by 17 women…don’t blame his parents

I am watching Iyanla Fix My Life season opener. Jay is the father of 34 children by 17 women. Listening to his parents it is obvious they were not ideal parents, but they are not the reason that this 44 year old man has 34 children by 17 women. He did it. He is responsible for his actions not his parents. This is the first of three parts. Vanzant is dealing with his pain but what about the children. They will be a part of this series, but what happens when she packs up her cameras? Will anybody be fixed or is that the point? Is this simply a sensational story exploited for ratings? Share your thoughts.

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  • mgthatsme  On September 7, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    I think our environment plays a great role in how we see ourselves and the world. So while I don’t think the blame is solely on the parents, the parents seemed to created a home environment when this man was growing up that contributed to this issue.

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