Who are the angels among us?

Today the New York Times wrote an article about Michael Brown. In the article they said Brown was “no angel”. Show me an angel among us. They chronicled his aspirations to be a rapper and even his consumption of alcohol and drugs. No it does not sound like the life of an angel but it does sound like the life of a teen. No not all teens do the things Brown did but when he was shot by the police did they know then that he was no angel? We’re not called to be angels. We are citizens of the United States, and some of us try to be model citizens but even that does not ensure your safety. The media is looking for a reason to explain what many people believe is unreasonable, but the he is no angel defense is simply not going to cut it.

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  • Bill  On August 25, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    I’m very confused by your question of “did the policeman know that Brown was not an angel when he shot him?”. Prior knowledge of this, if true, would be no justification for an unprovoked shooting. However, if the investigation reveals that there was a physical attack on the officer causing him to fear for his own life or safety, which might be characterized as less than angelic behavior then that is quite another matter.

    You aver that the media is looking for an explanation for what many believe to be unreasonable; but sadly those who think they know what to believe are the most unreasonable. To reach a conclusion on what happened in this case having seen virtually none of the evidence is irresponsible as well.

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