Is there a racial divide in Ferguson…yes, there is a racial divide in America

Three weeks ago most people never heard of Ferguson. Now the world is talking about the town and its leadership. yesterday the mayor of the town was asked if there was a racial divide in Ferguson. His answer was no. From his vantage point everything is fine, but I bet his vantage point does not include Mike Brown’s neighborhood. Brown lived in the part of the city that is not often exposed to the world. Tourists dare not venture into the neighborhood, but aren’t there neighborhoods like Ferguson in every city? A teenage boy was killed. The facts are in dispute and hopefully the legal system can sort out the details and ferret out the truth, but the cameras are going to soon turn their lights out and move on to the next story and this town will be left to move on. So where do we go from here. There is a racial divide in this country and how you view Ferguson depends on your vantage point. In America all vantage points are not equal.

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  • elogam  On August 23, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Ferguson has problems, but so many of them are self-inflicted. People complain about the mayor being white and the town council not having diversity. With blacks making up 53% of the population, how does THAT happen? And the mayor was just re-elected after RUNNING UNOPPOSED. You mean to tell me there wasn’t ONE black lawyer, ONE black businessman, ONE black professional who had the grit, determination and will to run against the guy? Even if he or she lost, there would have been a forum to get people active in the politics of the community. One of my friends on Facebook posted a slogan the Berklely Police Department used back in the ’60’s to get more “hippie” types to join the police: “Apply to be a police officer. If you don’t someone else will”. There is a lot of powerful truth to that. Ferguson’s black people need to wise up, get behind people with the ability to lead, and make that town’s leadership look more like the town.

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