What can Mayor Emanuel do about the violence in Chicago?

What can the mayor of a city do when someone decides to shoot into someone’s house? What can a mayor do when someone decides to shoot into a moving car? What can the mayor do when someone decides to shoot into a church? What can the mayor do if someone decides to shoot at young people gathered on a playground? The answer is nothing. This is irresponsible reckless, depraved behavior and it is hard to control. The control needed is self control. Gun control is not the answer because most criminals don’t purchase their guns from gun dealers.  The police can’t lock up everyone and that is not the answer. People in the community live under a cloud of fear because their real enemy is in some cases sharing a roof with them. So the victim count will continue to escalate and nobody has the answer. One can only hope the numbers will drop when the temperatures do.

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  • Bill  On July 26, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Unfortunately, though those maladies are problematic they are symptoms of the more inveterate problems. Destroying the families through a welfare system that virtually requires irresponsibility in order to enjoy benefits is a problem. Failure to punish youthful offenders when they initially embark on their criminal careers is a problem. Social acceptance and financial subsidization of babies born out of wedlock is a problem. The absence of a father or father figure in the home on whom children can model their lives is a problem. Failure to inculcate children with moral and spiritual values thereby failing to teach value of human life is a problem. Trapping inner city school children in substandard public schools that are operated by degreed though often uneducated teachers and ultimately conferring diplomas, on a shamefully tiny percentage of them, that they are unable to read is a problem. And these are just a few of the myriad problems.

    So what can Rahm Emanuel do about these problem? Immediately, there is nothing that he or anyone else can do. When we as a society finally decide that we have had enough, perhaps we will be willing to return to the moral family values on which societies have been established for thousands of years. Perhaps we will discontinue counterfeiting achievement and results. Perhaps we will decide to take personal responsibility for our lives and hold others in our charge accountable. Or we can persist in our enlightened arrogance and continue receiving the same type of results.

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