Why did Thad Cochran reach out to the black community?

Thad Cochran was in a tough primary. He feared he would lose so he had to resort to desparate measures. For a Republican those measures included reaching out to the black community, and they reached back. they came out despite their party affliliation and voted against Cochran’s opponent, and Cochran won the GOP nomination. So was this actually outreach? No this was a man at the end of his rope and he used the black community as the knot. They saved him, but what did they get for their efforts?

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  • elogam  On July 1, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    It is difficult to be “used” in this instance without your permission. He can ask for their vote all he wants-and he should-but if they didn’t feel it was in their collective best interest, they would not have supported him. I hope he does take the time to foster genuine relationships within the black community there. I understand the black vote is somewhere in the neighborhood of 37% for Mississippi. Soon as blacks find out that Republican values of faith, family, self-reliance and individual charity will allow them to progress faster and further than secularism, disunity, fear-mongering and the Welfare State offered by the Democratic Party, the sooner they can take their seat at the table of power. Right now with 96% of the black vote automatically going to the Democrats, the GOP doesn’t waste their resources reaching out, and the Democrats don’t have to care, save for a quick visit to a black church a week before election day to Get Out The Vote. As I’ve said before the Democratic Party treats black voters like Ike treated Tina-even though she was the reason for his success, he abused her and took her for granted. BUT-once she left he fell apart. Same thing can happen here, and I hope there is a reckoning.

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