DL Hughley under fire for calling Columbus Short’s wife a “thirsty hoe”, but he was just joking…really?

DL Hughley must be a graduate of the Joan Rivers School of Comedy. They both practice the anything goes brand of comedy, and that style can get you in a lot of trouble. Columbus Short has been in the news lately and not for doing good in the neighborhood. Short has been accused of domestic violence and he was recently fired from his prime time gig on the popular show Scandal. Hughley took a shot the other day at Short’s wife. He called her “a thirsty ho”. He has since backtracked, but the real question is why did he feel comfortable enough to use this description in the first place? Did he really think this was funny? This is a form of bullying. Hughley made this statement without knowing the facts of the Short marriage. He took an easy shot at the wife–the non celebrity. He characterized her based on his own bias. He is making the obligatory apologies, but his mindset is the same and if another male celebrity gets caught up in a domestic situation that can trust Hughley will be on their side. He does not need the facts to draw a conclusion.


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