Sheila Jackson Lee talks about the 400 year old Constitution?

The Constittution was ratified in 1787 that means it is 232 years old not 400 years old. The Honorable congresswoman made a mistake, but in this gotcha era a simple mistake will make you look like a simpleton. She spoke with authority but she was simply wrong, but for the next couple of days she will be on the hot seat. In the future maybe she needs to ditch the numbers and simply make her point.

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  • Bill  On March 13, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Many people, perhaps most will inadvertently misstate a fact from time to time when speaking extemporaneously. If it happens with a public figure who is recognizable then it is usually fairly easy to discern if a misstatement is inadvertent or a display of their ignorance. I submit that Ms. Jackson-Lee’s serial gaffes are a display of her ignorance.

    For example, on a visit to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in 2005 Lee ignorantly asked if the Mars Pathfinder which landed on Mars in 1997 had taken an image of the American flag that was planted there by Neil Armstrong in 1969. Help me understand how such an historical and epoch event as landing on the moon can be so mistakenly remembered. And then there’s the jewel from July 2010 when in the House chamber Lee stated that there are two Vietnams living peacefully side by side. There is only one Vietnam as South Vietnam was conquered by North Vietnam in 1975 uniting the two countries under communist rule. These are not examples of misspeaking these are examples of not knowing the facts just as is her comment about 400 years of living under the constitution.

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