Ashley Depew said she was a victim of the Knockout Game, but she was lying…has lying become the new steppingstone to 15 minutes of fame?

Ashley Depew said she was a victim of the knockout game, but she was lying. A waitress in New jersey said she was discriminated against because of her gay lifestyle. During the 2008 Obama/McCain Race a woman said she was beat by a black man because she was a McCain supporter and she was lying. What do they have in common other than being liars? They all wanted and got a little bit of fame. 15 minutes in the spotlight, but how do things like this happen? The internet can give you a little shine in just a few minutes. It allows you to get your message out there quickly, unfiltered and unfactchecked. It just takes a little digging to expose the liars, but frankly too often no one bothers to do the digging. I guess that’s what journalist used to do, but now that anyone with a computer can write a story that has the potential to go viral there are no safeguards and we are left with liars telling lies until they are caught.

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