Martin Bashir forced to resign over Sarah Palin remarks

Martin Bashir has resigned for making inappropriate remarks concerning Sarah Palin. His remarks were simply wrong and he has lost his job over his own poor judgment, but how did he know he had gone too far? Everyday we hear people speak coursely. We hear people use profanity in any situation. A few days ago I saw a story where a bus driver had called the police to help her correct the behavior of some unruly middle school students. The police arrived on the scene and they proceeded to berate the students and along the way they dropped a few F-Bombs. They were called to correct bad behavior and they end up bringing more bad behavior to the situation. the children’s parents were upset and the police were disciplined, but I wonder did the parents go a step further and question what were the students doing that called for police intervention? What were they saying? How were they acting? Have you watched any sitcoms lately? Everything is a joke and most of it is profane, but who determines if they have gone too far or even crossed a line? Since 2007 we have seen depictions of the president that range from gorrilla to witch doctor. He has had his citizenship questioned, his marriage questioned even his sexuality questioned, but did that cross the line? Who determines when a line has been crossed? Do lies cross the line? Does racism qualify as a line crosser? Don’t get me wrong Bashir should have lost his job. His statements were gross and unforgivable, but what made him feel that his depiction was acceptable. The day he made the statement I am sure he did not say this is the day I will put my job in jeopardy. He probably thought himself clever and thought that he would be applauded not booed and never reprimanded, but that’s what happened. Sarah Palin canceled a scheduled interview with NBC, Joe Scarborough went balistic and his colleagues at MSNBC were forced to answer questions about the statements while doing interviews that had nothing to do with Bashir. MSNBC fired Alec Baldwin over a gay slur so how could they keep Bashir on after he advocated force feeding Palin defecation. He went too far and the sad thing is people don’t know what too far looks like until they arrive there.

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