Are you going to see 12 Years A Slave or are you a victim of slave fatigue?

A couple of weeks ago I made an attempt to see 12 Years a Slave. At the time it was showing in 2 places in my state. We chose the closest theater but when we got there the girl told us it was not showing. She told us we were not the first people to come to that theater looking for the film. Since that time I have read more about the film and the stunning performances of the lead actors, but do I really want to go and see a film that charts the experiences of a free man forced to be a slave for 12 years. Yes this is our history and we must never forget or let others forget. So often we hear people say can’t they just get over it? No we can’t,, we can get on with it and we can not blame all modern societal ills on slaver,y but we can never forget. So often we hear unhappy athletes say “I feel like a slave”, but they have no idea what a slave had to endure. I will go see the film but I know this will not be a film of inspiration, it will be a film of endurance, and sometimes that is truly inspiring.

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