LSU apologizes to Kent State for offensive sign…do people actually know what is offensive?

An LSU fraternity is apologizing for hanging a sign that said “Kent State is used to Massacres”. Evidently the fraternity members initially thought the sign was funny that’s why they put it, but the sign referenced the 1970 killing of 4 Kent state students and other people did not share their dark humor. They took the sign down and put up another on apologizing, but the real question is why did the sign go up in the first place? My question is do people really know what is offensive anymore? Share your thoughts.

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  • conquerer  On September 16, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Sick “little” boys; they don’t know the history of this country and what is so inappropriate. They thought it was a good joke. Grow up guys!
    From a mature former fraternity member!.

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