Ray Lewis said the Patriots had to know something about the activities of Aaron Hernandez…did the Ravens know who Lewis was hanging with in 2000?

Ray Lewis, former Baltimore Raven and arguebly the greatest linebacker of his era made his ESPN debut yesterday. Lewis asserted that the Patriots had to know something about Aaron Hernadez’ activities, but that begs the question what do the teams know about the things players do on their off hours. Lewis was involved in an incident at the 2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta in which 2 men lost their lives. Lewis eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser charge but did the Ravens know who he was associating with? Lewis needs to be careful because you need to be without sin before you cast stones, and most of us are not.


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  • Bill  On September 9, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    How is Ray Lewis’s assertion that he believes that the Patriots had to be aware of the activities of Hernandez tantamount to stone throwing? Are you suggesting that he should not comment on Hernandez’s case because of his own criminal history?

    I would posit that Lewis is of the opinion that he has because of his own experience in the NFL culture. He likely understands better than you or I how difficult it is to conceal illicit activities in that environment. And it was commonly known that Ravens team officials attempted intervention with Lewis during his run with his posse.

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