President Assad warns US if you attack expect “everything”

CBS Charlie Rose interviewed Syrian President Assad who warned America that any attack on his country will have very serious repercussions. He said we should expect everything. He also called our government “a social media government”. that stings but does it sting because it is wrong or does it sting because it is an on target analysis. Are we becoming too easily swayed by Twitter? Yesterday I on ABC This Week Senator Ted Cruz was questioned about a quote he uses in his stump speech, and he said he got the quote from a tweet written by a service person. What? when did tweets become legitimate references? Have we really becomes slaves to social media? Assad also brought up the build up to the Iraq invasion and how General Powell showed evidence of WMDs which turned out to be false, and he said John Kerry does not even have that. Assad denied using chemical weapons on his own people. Someone did but is this fight that we want to take on? Is this a fight we should take on? What’s the end game? There are more questions than answers and until we get more answers we need to be still.

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