Why are we still asking “what would Dr. King think”?

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Dr. Martin Luther King is a civil rights icon. His sacrifice while living can not diminished and he gave his life for the cause he believed in. Today the President will address a nation from the exact spot where Dr. King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech. Over the past few days I have heard this question “what would Dr. King think?” Dr. King seems to have an opinion on everything: he is for gay rights, he is against gay rights, he is for Obamacare, he would vote to defund Obamacare, he would support immigtration reform, he would not support immigration rights. How could Dr. King have all of these opposing viewpoints? I’ll tell you how because he no longer has an opinion. As much as we loved Dr. King we must admit the obvious he is dead. All of these opinions being freely attributed to him are the opinions of others. True some of the others were close friends and associates of King, but they knew a young man when they were all young and now they are old men. John Lewis tells of how he was asked to tone his speech down 50 years ago. Lewis was a young man full of fire and life, and now he is over 70 years old and his opinions are now based on his life experience and over that time he has had the luxury of seeing things change that King did not. King did not have an opportunity to evolve. King was a son of the south. He was a the son of a southerner minister and he himself was also a minister. King came from a conservative background, but he could see that in order for things to change he had to do more than pray. That was the King that addressed a nation. No one knows what King would think. King lives in the history books now. His I Have a Dream speech has been co-opted by everyone and each group twists the words to serve their own agenda. So today the real question should be what are you doing rather than what would Dr. King think. Share your thoughts.

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