Is Charles Ramsey a hero?

Charles Ramsey helped free 3 women who had been held captive in a cleveland home for years. Will he be hailed as a hero? I ask the question because today as I read coverage of the story on the web some seemed to mock his speech, his hair and his overall appearnce, but will that matter? Do you have to look the part or his a heroic act enough? Share your thoughts.

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  • amanda leigh (@amandaleigh34)  On May 8, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Who cares what he looks like or sounds like. The man heard a commotion which he thought was a domestic disturbance. A lot of people turn their heads to these issues. He didnt. His life could of been in danger as the woman said she was kidnapped and the kidnapper could of came back and killed him.
    The part that i LOVE most with his 911 call is when he says to 911 operator “put yourself in her shoes man” Charles ramsey has empathy and cared when the 911 operator seemed not to care.
    I am a Canadian who doesnt here his accent often BUT he is a hero and saved all these women. A lot would of just not got involved. BRAVO Charles. A stand up man.

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