Whoopi Goldberg says she is on The View to do her job no matter who else is at the table…is she right or wrong?

Whoopi Goldberg told US magazine that she doesn’t care who sits at the tablee with her as long as she gets paid. I cleaned up her real quote but the linked story contains her more colorful language. Some are shocked by her indefference, but the reality is the ladies are her co-workers. Would you cry if one of your co-workers took another position or if they were fired? The problem is talk shows rely on chemistry to attract ratings. They want the viewers to buy into the premise that the co-hosts are actually friends or in some case family like the Today Show. So when they decide the chemistry is not working the audience reacts negatively. Case in point the duming of Ann Curry. The Today show billed itself as a family so when it came time to change the public reacted by watching Good Morning America. it will be interesting to see if The View suffers a similar fate. Good luck Whoopi you seem like you could be comfortable if it became a one woman show.


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