Holly Robinson Peete says her family is too happy for reality television

Reality televsion is hardly real. It is full of conflict, drama and fighting. If you are willing to act a fool on a weekly basis you might be able to carve out a very lucrative career. Holly Robinson Peete was on Celebrity Apprentice a couple of years ago and after the show she thought that maybe her family might do a reality show, but she found out that her family was simply too nice, She explains, “We’ve been approached many times, and we actually shot a pilot for a reality show. The feedback was like, ‘Maybe you guys are a little too happy’. I think they need a little bit more drama, so I might need to flip some tables. I told my kids the good news is we’re pretty good. We have our problems just like everybody else, but the reality show world is a slippery slope so maybe it’s better that we don’t (have a show).” The question is would you watch a show about a nice family?

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  • elogam  On March 11, 2013 at 3:40 am

    AMEN to HRP for realizing that it is a mistake to stigmatize your family just for the sake of making a buck. Every year my family and I take part in her walk for autism. If she were to delve into this reality show foolishness I don’t know if I could continue to support her at the event. I wish her well and all the best in her legitimate endeavors.

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