Jet Editor Mitzi Miller in trouble for comments on Fantasia

mitzi miller

A couple of weeks ago Fantasia Barrino had a fit over a photo Jet magazine used of her on their cover. The photo Jet chose was over 10 years old. Barrino was so mad that she took to Instagram to show her dismay. Jet issued an apology which was written by the Editor in chief Mitzi Miller. Miller took to Facebook to voice her displeasure with Barrino’s behavior. Miller has come under fire for making the following remark “The fact that I wasted an hour of my workday writing a press release to address an issue created by a person who cannot even read it is just… #whyiwannaBahousewife.” At some point people have got to realize that Facebook is not a diary and that things written and posted can and will be used against you. This was meant to mock Fantasia, but it really makes Miller look bad, and she just might lose her job.
MILLER’S 2ND APOLOGYI apologize for the lack of sensitivity shown in my FaceBook post. It was a thoughtless comment made during a moment of frustration. It was unprofessional and not representative of the JET mission, which is to uplift. I regret letting my emotions get the best of me. I am truly apologetic.”

Mitzi Miller, Editor in Chief, JET

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  • elogam  On March 11, 2013 at 2:49 am

    Somehow, somewhere, we have lost a key lesson in dealing with anger and frustration. When you have such a situation, you do indeed write or yell or scream, but you do so in a way that is untraceable. Write in pen on a pad you keep locked up, then shred it once you get your frustrations out. Yell and scream at hour home answering machine, then delete it when you get home. Vent to a VERY trusted friend, then thank them for allowing you to vent. Never, ever, EVER take to the blogosphere to vent your frustrations. Even if you are “anonymous” it can come back to bite you.

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